Hyunjin’s CHANEL hat and I.N’s hair band are cool! Stray Kids performed “Thunderous” on CDTV!

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A talented boy group Stray Kids.

Stray Kids made a comeback with their new album “NO EASY”, and sales reached a million seller.

Today, Stray Kids performed the Japanese version of “Thunderous” on CDTV aired on October 4th!

This is a video of Stray Kids posted on the official Twitter account of CDTV.

The latest song “Thunderous” was released in Japanese the other day, and interesting lyrics were attracting attention.

The rap that starts with Changbin was really cool!

The outfits worn by the members were also cool.

Hyunjin wore a CHANEL hat and I.N wore a hair band, so they are stylish!

Felix has a rainbow hair color and is more cute 😆

OHMYGIRL also appeared on this CDTV, so please check it out ♪