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What is the number’s meaning? Stray Kids “Christmas EveL” MV teaser released! Debut day and STAY’s birthday too!

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Popular KPOP idol group Stray Kids belonging to JYP Entertainment.

Stray Kids is planning to make a comeback with “Christmas EveL” on November 29th.

Today, November 20th, the first MV teaser for Stray Kids “Christmas EveL” has been released!

This is the first MV teaser for “Christmas EveL” released on Stray Kids’ official Twitter and YouTube.

It was the first teaser, and the concept of Christmas was wonderful.

Stray Kids members acting in the car were cute.

What was noticed was the number displayed on the screen of the smartphone!

“325m”, “20:01”, and “2.59” were displayed on the screen showing the location information of the car.

Each of these numbers has meanings, “325m” is the debut date of Stray Kids “March 25th”, “20:01” is STAY’s birthday “August 1st”, “2:59” is the length of the song “Christma EveL”!

The code that only STAY can understand is hidden, and it was so interesting 😆

Let’s check out the the second MV teaser for “Christmas EveL” that will be released in the future ♪