Stray Kids Hyunjin’s black hair is so cool! STAY worried about his hand injuries! “MANIAC” tour is a hot topic!


Hyunjin, who belongs to Stray Kids.

Hyunjin is popular for his great performance on stage.

Today, July 20th, Hyunjin has black hair!

These are photos posted on the official Twitter account of Stray Kids.

Currently, SrayKids holds a world tour “MANIAC”.

Hyunjin, who used to be blonde, has changed to black hair!

Blonde looked good, and Hyunjin’s black hair is also wonderful!

Hyunjin’s long hair is really nice 😆

On Twitter, “black hair Hyunjin” is the trend, and you can see how popular Hyunjin is.

And the other day, it was noticed that Hyunjin had an injury to his right hand.

However, I was impressed by Hyunjin’s participating in the performance while worrying about his right hand injury.

The second performance of Stray Kids “MANIAC” in Japan will be held soon, so I’m looking forward to Hyunjin at that time ♪