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NU’EST Minhyun’s kindness to Kazuha is a hot topic! Minhyun at the HYBE’s game caterers is so sweet ♪

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Minhyun is very popular as a member of NU’EST and Wanna One.

Minhyun is not only doing group activities, but also doing solo activities such as musicals and dramas.

At the HYBE game caterers released on July 15th yesterday, Minhyun’s kindness became a hot topic!


This is a video of HYBE’s game caterers released on YouTube.

Lee Hyun, NU’EST, SEVENTEEN, fromis_9, TXT, ENHYPEN, LE SSERAFIM appeared at the HYBE’s game caterers, and the lineup was attracting attention from early on.

Looking at the theme written on the card, Minhyun selected LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha!

It seems that the theme was “the most flexible person”.

Minhyun reached to Kazuha saying “Please come with me” and behaved like a prince 😆

Kazuha and Minhyun’s so beautiful collaboration attracted attention.

Furthermore, when Kazuha tried limbo dance, Minhyun said, “If it’s hard, you don’t have to do it.”

Everyone was having fun and I felt the unity of HYBE.

Let’s check other videos of HYBE’s game caterers♪