TXT Yeonjun dances “FEARLESS” with LE SSERAFIM Chae Won! HYBE idol’s collaboration is a hot topic!


LE SSERAFIM debuted from SOURCE Entertainment.

Currently, LE SSERAFIM is appearing on music programs on “FEARLESS” and is promoting their debut activity.

Yesterday, May 8th, LE SSERAFIM appeared in”Inkigayo”!

This is the “FEARLESS” dance challenge of LE SSERAFIM Chae Won and TXT Yeon Jun posted on Tik Tok.

TXT and LE SSERAFIM belong to HYBE.

A dance collaboration between Yeonjun, who is the MC of Inkigayo, and LE SSERAFIM members was expected from early on.

I was wondering who would dance with Yeonjun, and it was Chae Won.

Their dance is so beautiful and cool😆

In addition to Yeonjun, ENHYPEN Sunghoon and Sakura Miyawaki’s “FEARLESS” dance challenge was released the other day, so let’s check it out ♪