TXT “0X1 = LOVE SONG” and “IT” are related !? Taehyun’s bandage is a hot topic !

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TXT (Tomorrow X Together) will make a comeback with the new album “The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE” on May 31st.

The track list and concept photos are released.

The MV teaser of TXT’s title song “0X1 = LOVE SONG (I Know I Love You)” has been released!

TXT (투모로우바이투게더) '0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) feat. Seori' Official Teaser 1

This is the MV teaser of TXT “0X1 = LOVE SONG (I Know I Love You)” released at 0:00 on May 29th.

It started with a scene where Yeonjun is dancing his cute dance in the room.

All the members appeared and enjoyed playing in the water.

You can listen to the music of “0X1 = LOVE SONG (I Know I Love You)” a little, and it’s definitely a nice song!

Actually, this MV teaser is attracting attention in relation to the movie “IT”.

The bandage that Taehyun wore on his arm had the words “LOSER LOVER” written on it, and there was the same bandage in “IT”.

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By the way, in the concept photo of “WORLD” of TXT “FREEZE” released before, the relationship with “The Snow Queen” was considered.

There are many mysterious concepts, and I would like to see the MV full version of “0X1 = LOVE SONG (I Know I Love You)” as soon as possible!

Please check the future TXT comeback information ♪