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TXT Yeonjun opened Instagram! His turtleneck is so cool! Handsome photo is a hot topic!

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TXT Yeonjun is very popular all over the world.

Yeonjun gave a cool performance at 2021 MAMA.

Today, January 6th, TXT Yeonjun has opened a personal Instagram!

This is a photo posted on TXT Yeonjun’s personal Instagram.

There was a short comment “Hi”.

Yeonjun wearing a white turtleneck was so handsome 😆

Yeonjun is the first to open an Instagram in TXT, and it is expected that other members will open Instagram.

Recently, BTS members have opened a personal Instagram and it has become a hot topic.

Yeonjun often posts photos on Twitter, so there were many MOA who wanted him to open Instagram.

With the long-awaited opening of Yeonjun’s Instagram, the number of followers is increasing!

Let’s check out Yeonjun’s Instagram posts from now on ♪