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TXT became Harley Quinn! ? Show off “0X1 = LOVE SONG” on Music Bank!

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Quote from:TXT official twitter
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TXT (Tomorrow X Together) who finished the comeback activity with the new song “0X1 = LOVE SONG” with great success.

“0X1 = LOVE SONG” won first place in various music programs.

TXT has become Harley Quinn on Music Bank broadcast today on June 25th!

This is the stage of TXT “0X1 = LOVE SONG” that was shown at Music Bank.

The theme of this Music Bank was Villains and Heroes, and TXT members became Harley Quinn.

In the intro, each member was acting Harley Quinn, and everyone was cool!

Yeonjun performed with bat, and his makeup looked great.

Huening Kai and Taehyun had colorful hair, which was perfect for Harley Quinn’s concept!

The ending fairy was Soobin, and his choker was sexy 🤩

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In addition to “0X1 = LOVE SONG”, there was also a stage of TXT’s debut song “CROWN”.

“CROWN” after a long time has become a hot topic!

Please check the stage ♪