TXT Taehyun presents Shine Muscat on ENHYPEN Heeseung’s birthday!


ENHYPEN Heeseung is popular all over the world.

Heeseung spent the same time as a trainee with TXT members, and is especially famous for being close to Taehyun.

The present that Taehyun gave to Heeseung’s birthday has become a hot topic!

This is Heeseung’s tweet posted on ENHYPEN’s official Twitter account.

There was a comment “I received my birthday gift from Taehyun. Thank you Shine muscat !! ” from Heeseung to Taehyun.

It seems that Taehyun gave Heeseung a Shine Muscat as a gift!

Taehyun and Heeseung made their debut in a different group, but they are on good terms.

Heeseung even added the hashtag “#My_BRO”!

TXT debuted earlier than ENHYPEN, but Heeseung is older than Taehyun.

Taehyun calls Heeseung “Hyun”, and the friendship that hasn’t changed since they were a trainee is wonderful 😆

A good friend photo of Heeseung and Taehyun was posted at the concert of HYBE artists held at the end of 2020.

I would like to continue to see a lot of good friendship between Heeseung and Taehyun ♪