August 15th is TXT Hueningkai’s birthday! Introducing the cute charm of TXT’s youngest Hueningkai !!

Quote from:TXT OFFICIAL twitter

TXT (Tomorrow X Together) who belongs to the same office as BTS.

TXT is a group that debuted in 2019 and has been very active in 2020.

August 14th is TXT Hueningkai’s birthday!

Born on August 14, 2002, Hueningkai was 18 years old.

Hueningkai is the youngest member of TXT.

By the way, it is also famous that Hueningkai is a member from Hawaii.

Hueningkai is so cute and has a lot of charm.

Hueningkai is loved by TXT members a lot , and he is always loved especially by Soobin!

Hueningkai seems to be a healing person for Soobin.

TXT members also tweeted to celebrate Hueningkai’s birthday.

Taehyun posted a photo in uniform and Yeonjun posted a old photo with Hueningkai.

“Our Big Baby Huening, Happy Birthday 💕”

It was a cute tweet for Hueningkai.

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Hueningkai, the youngest member of TXT.

He’s cute right now, but I’m also looking forward to Hueningkai becoming a man♪

Happy birthday Hueningkai!

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