WONHO from MONSTA X is back with a new song “Losing You”!!

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Quote from:YouTube
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Wonho from MONSTA X makes his solo debut with his debut album “Love Synonym #1: Right for Me”.

People’s attention has been focused on Wonho’s first musical activities since he left MONSTA X.

Such Wonho released the new song “Losing You”!

This is the MV for Wonho’s “Losing You” released on August 14.

Crying Wonho was impressive!

While Wonho was active at MONSTA X, there were many songs with cool performances, but in “Losing You” you could hear the Wonho’s vocal.

You can also see sexy Wonho acting in the shower.

The body of Wonho who was trained was also a topic.

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Wonho left MONSTA X and started his career as a solo artist.

In Wonho’s debut album, “Love Synonym #1: Right for Me,” you can see a different side of Wonho than when he was active at MONSTA X.

Be sure to check out the new song “Losing You”♪