ENHYPEN Niki has tattoos on his finger! ? Some fans remembered BTS Jungkook! “DIMENSION: ANSWER” NO version photo is a hot topic!


ENHYPEN will make a comeback with the new album “DIMENSION: ANSWER” on January 10th.

The title song is “Blessed-Cursed”, and I’m wondering what kind of concept the song is.

In the concept photo of “DIMENSION: ANSWER” NO version, Niki’s finger tattoos are hot topics!

This is the concept photo of ENHYPEN “DIMENSION: ANSWER” NO version posted on BELIFT LAB’s official Twitter account.

A total of 4 photos were posted, and Niki is so cool.

In the first and second photos, the tattoo designed on Niki’s finger was impressive.

I think it’s a fake tattoo, and the letters “JUST” and “STOP” were written on it.

“JUST STOP” was also shown in another photo, so the relationship with the title song “Blessed-Cursed” is interesting.

Also, it seems that many fans remembered BTS Jungkook’s tattoo when they saw this Niki’s finger tattoo!

The photos of other ENHYPEN members’ “DIMENSION: ANSWER” were also really cool, so let’s check them out ♪