Music Bank’s new MC will be TXT Soobin and OHMYGIRL Arin! MC of popular idols is a topic !!

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Music bank, a popular Korean music program.

GoldenChild Bomin and YeEun, who were MCs at Music Bank the other day, graduated from MCs.

And the new MC of Music Bank has decided on TXT Soobin and OHMYGIRL Arin!

Speaking of TXT, it is a very popular idol because it attracts attention as a newcomer in the same office as BTS.

Soobin is the leader of TXT and has a lot of fans with a nice visual and cute character.

OHMYGIRL also made a big hit with the new song “Nonstop”.

Arin is the youngest member of OHMYGIRL and is a popular featured person in the idol world.

Recently, the appearance of Arin’s drama has become a hot topic.

I’m surprised that TXT Soobin and OHMYGIRL Arin, who are the focus of attention right now, will be MCs at Music Bank!

Up until now, there were many sets of idols and actors/actresses at Music Bank MCs, but this time both men and women were idols.

I want to see Soobin and Arin’s first MC soon.

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TXT Soobin and OHMYGIRL Arin decided to be the new MC of Music Bank.

It seems that there will be a special stage for the MC debut commemoration for the first time.

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of MC they will show us!

Please check it out♪