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The ending of No:ze and TXT Yeonjun is a hot topic! On MMA2021, TXT performed “0X1=LOVESONG”!

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Melon Music Award 2021 was held on December 4th.

A lot of popular idols such as IU, THE BOYZ, TXT, Brave Girls, ENHYPEN, STAYC, etc. appeared.

On the stage of TXT that was performed at MMA2021, the dancer No:ze, who was famous dancer in Street Woman Fighter (SWF), appeared!

At MMA2021, TXT performed “0X1 = LOVE SONG” and “LOSER = LOVER”.

the stage of “0X1 = LOVE SONG” is similar to the concept photo, and it was a beautiful stage.

The powerful vocals and dance performance were cool.

No:ze was appered on ending!

No:ze is a dancer who appeared in the popular program “Street Woman Fighter(SWF)” and was so beautiful dancer.

Her choreography of “Hey Mama” is especially popular.

It was surprising that No:ze would co-star with TXT in MMA.

Yeonjun and No:ze had a meaningful ending, and it was an impressive stage!

TXT announced the next activity at MMA last year.

The sentence was projected on screen at MMA2021 too.

Let’s check how it will be connected in the future activities of TXT ♪