“CASE143” danced by SKZOO is so cute! StrayKids wearing a costume is wonderful ♪

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StrayKids will release a new album “MAXIDENT” on October 7th.

The title song is “CASE143”, and the MV teaser was released the other day.

Today, October 6th, a video of StrayKids members dancing “CASE143” wearing SKZOO costumes was released!

This is “CASE143” that StrayKids Felix and Seungmin danced on TikTok.

Both Felix and Seungmin looked cute in big SKZOO costumes.

STAY was surprised that the video of “CASE143” they danced in SKZOO was released first!

It seemed difficult to move, but it was a really cute dance challenge😆

Not only Felix and Seungmin, but also other StrayKids members are wearing SKZOO costumes and dancing “CASE143”.

Let’s check it out♪