Stray Kids Felix is very popular! Who is No.1 visual in KINGDOM? ATEEZ Seonghwa wants to make Felix his younger brother!

Quote from:StrayKids instagram

“KINGDOM” is a music program which Stray Kids, ATEEZ, BTOB, iKON, SF9, and THE BOYZ appear .

Every time, their cool stages are hot topics.

An athletic meet was held at KINGDOM, which was broadcast on May 6th!

There were lots of interesting scenes such as vaulting boxes and relay confrontations .

The topic was the visual king in KINGDOM.

It seemed difficult to choose the No.1 visual from the handsome idols.

Stray Kids Felix is ​​very popular, and he got votes from ATEEZ Seonghwa & HongJoong, BTOB Minhyuk, Stray Kids BangChan, and SF9 Taeyang!

Seonghwa even said he was “Felix is my senior, but I want to make him younger brother,” and I felt his love for Felix 😆

The No.1 visual is BTOB Minhyuk, who is a good-looking guy that everyone recognizes!

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