BTS Jimin’s rainbow hair and Jungkook’s ponytail are a hot topic! “Butter” Teaser Photo 1 was released!

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Quote from:BTS twitter
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BTS will make a comeback with the new song “Butter” on May 21st.

“Butter” is attracting attention because it is an English song following “Dynamite” released by BTS in 2020.

Teaser Photo 1 of BTS “Butter” was released at 00:00 on May 10th!

This is the teaser photo 1 of “Butter” posted on BTS’s official Twitter account.

BTS members wore suit outfits !

The member who attracted particular attention was Jimin, and his rainbow hair color became a hot topic!

Jimin wore sunglasses and was very cool 😆

Besides, Jungkook’s purple hair, j-hope’s blonde hair, RM’s pink hair were wonderful.

Jungkook’s ponytail hairstyle also attracted attention.

Only Taehyung (V) wore an orange suit, and his hairstyle was amazing.

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When Teaser Photo 1 of “Butter” was released, words related to “# ButterTeaser1” and Jimin became a trend on Twitter.

BTS is so popular!

Please check out the next teaser photos of “Butter” ♪