ENHYPEN posted a dance video of “Savage Love”! Their final pose is cool !!

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Quote from:TikTok
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ENHYPEN formed from the audition program I-LAND.

ENHYPEN is preparing for their debut.

Their interaction with fans on TikTok and Twitter is also popular.

This time, we will introduce the dance video of “Savage Love” posted on TikTok by ENHYPEN Sung Hoon, Jake, and Jay!

This is a dance video posted on ENHYPEN’s TikTok channel.

They were dancing to the music of “Savage Love” and it was a perfect dance!

The center changed in order, and their final pose was cool.

You can see how good dance the ENHYPEN members are.

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“Savage Love”, in which Sung Hoon, Jake and Jay danced, is a song released by BTS as a remixed version.

BTS has appeared on I-LAND, so you can feel the ENHYPEN’s respect for BTS.

Please check out future ENHYPEN posts ♪