NCT Mark became blonde! I’m looking forward to Mark’s activities in NCT2021 ♪

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In 2021, Mark participated in the comeback activities of NCT DREAM and NCT 127.

NCT2021’s activities will also start soon.

NCT Mark’s hair color has become blonde!

These are photos posted on NCT Mark’s Instagram.

Mark wore a black jacket and white pants, and it was a cool styling.

And Mark’s blonde became a hot topic!

Mark on NCT 127’s latest song “Favorite” was black hair.

I was surprised at Mark’s hair color change!

Mark’s blonde hasn’t been in a long time, and he looks great.

I think Mark’s hair color change is for the activities of NCT2021, and I’m looking forward to his future activities!

By the way, Mark will participate in the title song “Universe” of NCT2021.

Let’s check Mark in NCT2021 ♪