EXO Baekhyun “Get You Alone” MV was released! His sexy dance is cool!

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Baekhyun is active in EXO.

On January 3rd, Baekhyun held Beyond Live , which fans all over the world enjoyed.

The MV of EXO Baekhyun’s new Japanese original song “Get You Alone” has been released!

BAEKHYUN ベクヒョン 'Get You Alone' MV

This is the MV of EXO Baekhyun “Get You Alone” released on January 4th.

In the teaser video, the lyrics “Aren’t I a bad boy?” were attracting attention.

MV started with a scene where Baekhyun invites a woman to a date.

In the chorus, Baekhyun was dancing a sexy dance with the dancer, and it was a cool choreography!

“Candy” was a refreshing and pop song, but “Get You Alone” was a sexy and cool song.

I want to listen to it live in Japan soon!

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Baekhyun’s new song “Get You Alone” MV has finally been released.

It was first shown at Beyond Live and was a hot topic.

Please check out the live performance of “Get You Alone” ♪