Lay participates in EXO’s activities! ? Lay appeared in the teaser of “DON’T FIGHT THE FEELING”!

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Quote from:EXO official twitter
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EXO will make a comeback with the special album “DON’T FIGHT THE FEELING” on June 7th.

Xiumin and D.O. discharged from army, and EXO’s comeback after a long absence has become a hot topic.

Today, May 26th, EXO Lay’s teaser photo was released!

Here is a photo of Lay posted on EXO’s official Twitter account.

For the past few years, Lay has been doing activities mainly in China, so he has not participated in EXO’s activities.

Lay appeared in the teaser of “DON’T FIGHT THE FEELING” and has become a hot topic among EXO-L all over the world!

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Chanyeol and Baekhyun, who are currently enlisted in the army, also participate in the teaser and MV of “DON’T FIGHT THE FEELING”.

Lay’s participation has also been released as a surprise, and EXO-L’s expectations are rising even more!

Please check out the comeback activities of EXO “DON’T FIGHT THE FEELING” in the future ♪