What is the complaint from NCT127 Jaehyun to Yuta? All members sympathize! !

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NCT 127 is made up of global members.

I’m relieved to see how good NCT127 is.

Such NCT127 has appeared in Weekly Idol!

Jaehyun complained to Yuta in a game where members complain.

The complaint from Jaehyun to Yuta is “Do not close the lid of toothpaste”.

Everyone sympathized with Jaehyun’s complaint .

This time, when Yuta saw it and tried to tell the secrets of the members, everyone was holding back .

I didn’t know what Yuta was trying to talk about, but everyone thought something about Yuta’s expression at that time!

I am wondering what the contents are.

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NCT127 Yuta who always makes me laugh.

I hope Yuta will continue to appear in many varieties.

Please check it out!