BTS V’s king-like photographs are very popular! Pay attention to the visual like a prince !!

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V has been attracting attention due to its particularly high visual power among BTS.

V is often chosen as the most handsome face in the world.

Such BTS V’s prince-like pictures that are too handsome have become a hot topic!

Here is a picture of V taken on the BTS variety show.

V wearing a red feather and a crown looks like a real prince!

When the members took a picture of V, V immediately changed his look.

The picture taken was really cool, and it was V.

A close-up shot of Jimin and V was also taken, but the single shot of V was also wonderful!

V is too great to be a picture in any photo !!

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BTS V boasts the highest visual quality in the KPOP world.

The pictures of V are always wonderful.

I want to continue to look at V’s photos with various expressions♪