BTS 94z’s friendship! RM celebrated j-hope birthday! Pay attention to handsome 94z!

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BTS is very popular all over the world.

BTS is attracting attention their cool stage performance.

Today, February 18th is BTS j-hope’s birthday!

At midnight, RM celebrated j-hope’s birthday.

Here are the photos of RM and j-hope posted on BTS’s official Twitter account.

There was a message saying “Hobi Hobi, j-hobi, Happy Birthday 😊👼”.

In the photos, RM and j-hope were very handsome !

It was a post where you can feel the beautiful friendship of 94z, who were born in 1994.

Following RM, SUGA also celebrated j-hope’s birthday!

SUGA posted only the message “hobihobi !! Happy Birthday !!” .

It was a message that shows that SUGA values j-hope.

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On the night of February 17, j-hope broadcasted a V live to commemorate his birthday.

j-hope is kind, always entertaining ARMY!

I’m looking forward to posts from other BTS members to j-hope 😆

Please check out future BTS posts ♪