BTS V’s cherry kiss is a hot topic! Also sexy sounds! Samsung Mobile’s new commercial released !!

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BTS is Samsung’s advertising model.

BTS is very popular in the advertising world such as FILA, Hyundai Motor, and BodyFriend.

A new commercial for Samsung Mobile featuring BTS V, JHOPE, and SUGA has been released!

Galaxy x BTS: A Piece of Cake 🍰 | Samsung

This is the new commercial of Samsung Mobile where BTS appeared.

In the commercial, V, JHOPE, and SUGA played pastry chefs and made cakes.

The three people who made cakes in aprons were handsome and cool.

The beautiful images and pleasant sounds were also wonderful.

V’s cherry kiss was the most talked about!

This is V’s cherry kiss that was in the commercial.

V’s mouth kissing the cherry was close up and it was really sexy!

I also heard a “chu!” sound.

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Jimin and RM will appear in the next commercial for Samsung Mobile.

I’m looking forward to what kind of concept BTS will be acting in!

Please check it out ♪