BTS “Stay Gold” MV set production process is a hot topic! Introducing the road to the completion of a set that is too beautiful !!

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A new Japanese original song “Stay Gold” released by BTS.

Despite the Japanese songs, “Stay Gold” swept the charts around the world.

The other day, BTS performed a live performance of “Stay Gold” on CDTV and showed a wonderful stage.

This time, I will introduce the process of making the set used for the MV of BTS “Stay Gold”!

BTS (방탄소년단) 'Stay Gold' Official MV

BTS “Stay Gold” MV featured a dark and bright set in contrast.

The world view of the flower garden that appeared in the final stage was like a fairy tale, so beautiful!

I was wondering if CG was used in the MV for “Stay Gold”, but it was a set made by the staff.

The process of spreading grass and flower sheets from cardboard and wood terraces was impressive!

It was a set that felt the staff’s efforts.

The set of “Stay Gold” is so much liked by BTS that Jungkook said that it’s one of his favorite top 5 sets.

The set is perfect for the atmosphere of the song, and the number of MV playbacks has already exceeded 40 million.

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MV of BTS “Stay Gold” which had been talked about even before the release.

The MV set was the result of the hard work of the staff.

When you look at the back side and look at the “Stay Gold” set again, it’s very impressive!

Please check it out!