I’m surprised at the change of microphone of BTS 95z! Pay attention to the stage of “Mikrokosmos”! ! Dear Class 2020

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BTS who appeared in the online graduation ceremony Dear Class of 2020.

BTS performed three songs, “Boy with Luv”, “Spring Day” and “Mikrokosmos”.

This time I introduce BTS Taehyung and Jimin’s 95z microphone change!

BTS | Dear Class Of 2020

Taehyung and Jimin’s mics were swapped during the “Mikrokosmos” stage!

Originally, Taehyung was green and Jimin was a golden mic, but two mics changed during the process.

When I saw this, there were many voices saying, “When did you replace the microphone?”

95z is always cute to do!

The stage was full of other highlights.

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Online graduation ceremony “Dear Class Of 2020” featuring BTS.

You could see the cute exchange of 95z.

Please check it out!