BTS Jungkook became blue hair ! ? His self-dyed hair color is a hot topic !

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Jungkook is active in BTS.

Jungkook is nicknamed “Golden Maknae” because he is full of talent not only in singing and dancing, but also in drawing and editing videos.

Jungkook has become a hot topic with his blue hair!

Here is a picture of Jungkook posted on BTS’s official Twitter account on February 24th.

There was a comment saying “self dyeing “.

Recently, Jungkook’s hair was blonde, but this time he seems to have changed his hair to blue!

Jungkook is trying various hair colors, and his atmosphere changes for each hair color.

By changing from bright blonde hair to blue hair, you can feel a calm atmosphere.

Every hair color looks good to Jungkook, and he is a golden maknae 😆

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Today, on February 24th, BTS’s performance videos on MTV were released.

There are also stages such as “Telepathy” and “Blue & Grey” for the first time, so it has become a hot topic!

Please check that out too ♪