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NiziU Riku & Mayuka’s TikTok video is a hot topic! Focus on the cute heart pose! !

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Quote from:TikTok
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NiziU was born from the audition program Nizi Project.

NiziU has set a record for successive generations in “Make you happy”.

Riku and Mayuka of NiziU posted a cute video on TikTok!


##HeartTogether ##같이하트 ##NiziU ##RIKU ##MAYUKA

♬ オリジナル楽曲 – NiziU

This is a video of NiziU Riku and Mayuka posted on TikTok.

It was cute to make a heart pose according to the song!

Riku and Mayuka are from the same Kansai region, and they are two close friends in NiziU.

The TikTok video that was perfect for those two people was a hot topic.

The word “Rikumayu” has become a trend.

You can see the popularity of the two!

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NiziU has posted a lot of videos on TikTok recently.

Previously, TWICE members also had a heart pose on this song, and it was talked about as cute.

Please check it out as well♪