BTS performs “Your eyes tell” on CDTV for the first time! To the world trend !!


BTS has gained global popularity.

BTS is very popular in Japan.

Such BTS performed the world’s first performance of “Your eyes tell” written by Jung Kook on CDTV broadcast on July 13!


On CDTV, “Your eyes tell”, which BTS Jung Kook wrote for the movie, was the first performance.

Thanks to it, related words such as “Your eyes tell”, “ProudOfJungkook”, and “ProducerJK” have entered the world trend!

In Japan, the “stand microphone” was also in the trend.

BTS showed “Stay Gold” on the last CDTV, and at that time BTS was still sweeping the trend.

The trend of “Your eyes tell” this time is also overwhelming, and you can understand the impact of BTS.

It was really cool to sing with the stand microphone.

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BTS always shows good performance.

The song “Your eyes tell” on CDTV was also a wonderful song.

Please check it out♪