Introducing BTS JungKook’s Balenciaga plaid fashion! Focus on cute hairstyle!

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Quote from:RNX NEWS
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BTS JungKook has his birthday on September 1st.

BTS members and ARMY all over the world celebrated JungKook’s birthday.

Introducing BTS JungKook’s fashionable style!

Quote: RNX NEWS, 아시아투데이

This is BTS Jungkook’s fashion shot on September 8th.

Jungkook had his hair tied , and his cute hairstyle attracted attention!

The plaid jacket and pants were Balenciaga clothes, and the colorful sneakers were cute too.

Jungkook usually wears all black, but he looks good on any outfit!

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A celebration V-live was also broadcast on Jungkook’s birthday.

It’s been a more happy day, as BTS won No.1 on the billboard.

We will support the success of BTS in the future♪