BTS Jin’s apple hair is too cute! Jin’s cute hairstyle on SOWOOZOO is a hot topic!

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“BTS 2021 MUSTER SOWOO ZOO” held on June 13th and 14th.

The setlist changed between the first and second days.

On the second day of SOWOOZOO, Jin’s cute hairstyle became a hot topic!

These are photos posted on BTS’s official Twitter account after SOWOOZOO.

Three photos were posted, and the outfits were wonderful.

In the second photo, Jin was making apple hair!

To please ARMY, he made a cute hairstyle.

The hats worn by J-HOPE, RM, and Taehyung (V) were also cute.

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In SOWOOZOO on the second day, the Japanese song “Film out” was also performed for the first time.

It was a nice stage to sing “Wishing on A Star” in Japanese version!

Please check out BTS’s future activities in Japan ♪