BTS Taehyung(V) with red rose is romantic! “Yet To Come” teaser was released!

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BTS will make a comeback with their new album “Proof” on June 10th.

“Proof” will include 3 new songs.

Today, June 8th, the teaser for BTS’new song “Yet To Come” has been released!

This is the teaser for BTS “Yet To Come” posted on YouTube.

“Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)” is interesting because of its title.

The teaser for “Yet To Come” released this time started with Taehyung(V) walking in the desert!

The beautiful nature was wonderful.

The outfits of each BTS member are different, and I’m curious about the concept of “Yet To Come”.

Taehyung (V) had a red rose and it was a romantic atmosphere 😆

Finally, Jung Kook sang a little “Yet To Come” phrase and it was already great song.

I’m looking forward to the full MV of BTS “Yet To Come” to be released in the future ♪