BTS V and Jimin (95z) necklace are the same! ? Introducing a fashionable flower necklace !!


BTS is known for family-like relationships.

You can see the BTS members dancing happily even in the new song “Dynamite”.

The most popular combination among BTS is V and Jimin’s 95z!

A necklace worn by BTS 95z (V and Jimin) has become a hot topic!

This is the flower necklace that 95z wear together.

A fashionable and cute necklace!

V also wore the necklace on “Dynamite Countdown Live” the other day.

95z fashion is always talked about.

The funky fashion was cool in the MV of the new song “Dynamite”!

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BTS V and Jimin, who were born in 1995 and are close to each other .

There are many good friends episodes of 95z .

I’d like to see a lot of good friends of 95z from now on.