BTS swept Daesang at MMA2020! Achieved 6 crowns !!


BTS is a big success globally.

“Dynamite” and the new album “BE” are big hits.

BTS achieved 6 crowns in MMA2020 broadcast on December 5th!

Artist of the Year ✨ Daesang

Song of the Year ✨Daesang

Album of the Year ✨ Daesang

Top 10 Artist

Netizen Popularity Award

Best Dance Male

The above are the six awards that BTS received at MMA2020.

BTS won all three Daesangs!

BTS was very popular in 2019, but it was even more successful in 2020!

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BTS’s performance at MMA2020 was very gorgeous.

They performed 4 songs, “Black Swan”, “ON”, “Life Goes On”, and “Dynamite”, and all the stages were cool.

Please check that out too ♪