BTS performed “Black Swan”, “ON”, “Life Goes On”, “Dynamite” at MMA2020! The special stage is a hot topic !!


MMA where popular artists appear every year.

MMA2020 was held online to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.

This time we will introduce the BTS stage at MMA2020!

BTS (방탄소년단) Black Swan Perf. + ON + Life Goes On + Dynamite @ 2020 MMA

BTS performed four songs at MMA2020: “Black Swan”, “ON”, “Life Goes On”, and “Dynamite”.

At the beginning of “Black Swan”, there was a dance performance by Jungkook and Jimin.

The choreography that Jungkook lifts Jimin was also beautiful!

In “ON”, BTS performed a powerful performance with many dancers.

Jungkook and Jimin had all-back hairstyles!

JHOPE’s sleeveless suits him very well.

Then there was the stage of the new song “Life Goes On”.

The beautifully lit set was beautiful and was perfect for the concept of “Life Goes On”!

In SUGA’s part, BTS members sang alternately, and it was a moving stage.

Finally, there was a performance of the big hit “Dynamite”.

The scene of Jungkook’s shooting pistol at the beginning has become a hot topic!

The dance break part was prepared, and the special performance like never before was amazing!

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BTS swept Daesangs at MMA2020!

BTS has achieved a total of 6 crowns, proving the popularity in 2020.

Please check out BTS’s stage at MAMA tomorrow (December 6th) ♪