BTS V’s Japanese Is Too Cute!! V shows off his Japanese in V live with Jungkook!!

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BTS has been active in Japan for a long time.

BTS has performed a lot of live performances in Japan so far.

The members are also good at Japanese, and they are excited a lot by the live performance.

This time, I will introduce the Japanese that V spoke on V Live which aired with Jungkook on Children’s Day.

In this V live, V and Jungkook used paper to make carnations for “Parent’s Day” on May 8.

V was speaking Japanese.

“Hello.I’m Kim Taehyung.

Today is the time when i was going to have fireworks at that Ovoy Kids.It is a story to make.(My Ability to Speak Japanese has fallen!It’s tough!Good-bye.

V taught Japanese for japanese ARMY!

His pronunciation was cute like a baby!

Jungkook, who was next to V, was laughing, too.

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The V live of BTS V and Jungkook who entertained army a lot.

V and Jungkook were singing Lauv’s “Never Not” and it was full of highlights.

Please check it out♪