BTS performed “ON” at Seoul World Cup Stadium! Their dance performance was very cool!


2020 MAMA where many popular artists appeared.

BTS has achieved 9 crowns including 4 Daesangs.

This time, we will introduce the “ON” stage that BTS showed at 2020 MAMA!

[2020 MAMA] BTS_ON

This is the stage of BTS “ON” that was performed at 2020 MAMA.

It started with the scene where Jungkook blows a shellfish, and it was a production reminiscent of the “ON” MV.

After that, the pigeons took off and arrived at the Seoul World Cup Stadium!

The performers form the BTS logo, and you can feel the magnificent scale.

In addition to the usual dancers, the performance of a marching band was added, and it was a powerful performance.

BTS members wore white costumes and had a knight-like atmosphere.

The climax dance break was also a masterpiece!

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At 2020 MAMA, BTS also performed “Dynamite” and “Life Goes On” in addition to “ON”.

Both songs were attractive stages !

Please check that out too ♪