Eiffel Tower, Shinkansen, Ferris wheel! BTS Jung Kook’s birthday advertisement is too great !!

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BTS is very popular all over the world.

BTS has achieved four crowns in MTV VMA.

BTS JungKook will celebrate his birthday on September 1st!

To celebrate the birthday of BTS Jungkook, we are pleased to introduce the birthday advertisements published all over the world!

Jungkook’s birthday advertisements are everywhere in Korea.

You can see posters, videos of JungKook on the screen, and many birthday advertisements on the subway.

The Shinkansen was also designed to commemorate Jung Kook’s birthday.

JungKook’s fans have great ideas!

Jungkook’s birthday video has been released on the Ferris wheel at the largest theme park in Korea, Everland!

The birthday video is too big!

Jungkook’s birthday video has been released not only in Korea but also in the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France!

Jungkook is loved by people all over the world for birthday advertisements not only in Asia but also in Europe.

The influence of BTS is great!

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BTS JungKook’s birthday celebrated all over the world.

Every BTS birthday ad is great, but this year’s Jung Kook birthday event is on a particularly big scale!

Happy Birthday Jung Kook !!