It also has a tag! Pay attention to the feet of BTS Jin !!


BTS is the topic of performance on stage.

I am impressed by the powerful performance.

BTS is very cool on stage, but usually there are very cute members.

This time BTS Jin’s cute episode is introduced!

JIN is often witnessed by ARMY that his clothes are still tagged.

Jin’s shoes were still tagged at this V-live !

The “jin” has quickly become a trend and has become a hot topic!

This is Jin.

The reason why Jin doesn’t take tags is annoying.

It’s a simple reason, but it’s interesting that it’s not taken until someone notices.

After that, Jin continued to dance happily with his tagged shoes.

While BTS is not able to live easily, I’m glad that BTS interacted with ARMY a lot through V Live.

I’m waiting for a fun BTS video from now on♪