BTS V regrets on MV! ? MV of 「Danger」 where V cuts his bangs is a topic !!

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BTS is active in the world.

BTS is very popular in Japan and has appeared in many music programs.

This time, BTS V introduces the MV of “Danger”, which tells us about his regretful memories!

This is the MV for BTS “Danger” released in 2014.

A scene where V cuts hair in the MV, but it seems that he actually cut his bangs, not the wig !

After that, V, who hides his bangs embarrassingly, was interesting.

The failing V bangs were also cute.

Six years ago, I was surprised that V still regrets.

It’s a cute episode !

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BTS is a hot topic for the new song “Stay Gold”.

I introduced the cute episode of BTS V.

The episode of BTS is endless.

I’m looking forward to seeing what interesting things will happen next.