BTS Jin’s Louis Vuitton colorful shirt is cute! Let’s check the clothes Jin wore in “In The Soop” ♪

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Popular program “In The Soop” of BTS.

The other day, a pop-up store for “In The Soop” was held, and season 2 of BTS’s “In The Soop” will be broadcast, which is attracting attention among ARMY.

On September 13th, the photo of BTS “In The Soop” Season 2 have been released!

Here is a photo of BTS posted on the official Twitter account of “In The Soop”.

BTS was on the grass in a place like a forest.

The nature is beautiful, and it seems to be a healing program for those who are watching it.

BTS members wore various clothes, and the shirt that Jin wore was especially talked about!

The colorfully designed shirt that Jin wore was from Louis Vuitton, and the Louis Vuitton logo was designed on it.

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Not only Jin’s clothes, but also J-HOPE’s white clothes, and other member’s clothes were all wonderful.

“In The Soop” Season 1 was full of highlights, and I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of story will be seen in Season 2!

Let’s check “In The Soop”season 2 ♪