Agust D is back! ? featuring JIMIN!?


Activity name “Agust D” as a rapper for BTS SUGA.

The MV for “Agust D” released three years ago is about to reach 100 million views.

This is the countdown of “D-7” that has been posted on Big Hit Entertainment since May 18, but it is said to be the comeback of Agust D!

In the meantime, a new visual of Agust D has been released.

Here is the new visual for Agust D.

SUGA has been upgraded to a wild feel.

It was a hairstyle not seen in the usual SUGA.

This Agust D visual was screaming by fans all over the world as “too cool!”

“# AGUSTD2IS COMING” has become a global trend.

Moreover, it seems that Jimin will participate in featuring in “SCARFACE”.

It’s so dangerous just to imagine that Jimin’s transparent singing voice goes along with the cool SUGA rap.

The two tag between the two is the strongest!

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Agust D is finally back.

It has become a hot topic as soon as the visual ban and participation of Jimin’s feat.

It will be open to the public in 2 days, so please check it out ♪