The dance is amazing! ? BTS’s new commercial “Chilsung Cider” is too interesting! !

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BTS has become a global star.

The recent popularity of BTS has become extremely popular all over the world.

BTS is very popular in the advertising world.

This time, I would like to introduce the CM of “Chilsung Cider” where BTS appeared!

[칠성사이다 New Flavor X BTS] 청귤 댄스편
[칠성사이다 New Flavor X BTS] 복숭아 댄스편

BTS appeared in a commercial introducing the new taste of Korean juice “Chilsung Cider”.

There are two flavors, Cheongyul (blue mandarin) and peach.

“Chilsung Cider” was a delicious juice, but the BTS dance on the CM was fun!

Everyone was dancing with a unique and strong habit, but especially Jin’s dance was awesome!

After all, Jin always makes me laugh.

Both of the two commercials were interesting.

It was a commercial full of highlights besides Jin.

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BTS is always entertaining.

When you look at the commercials in which BTS appears, you want that product.

Please check it out!