What’s the reason for BTS Jimin’s tears? Taehyung (V) and Hobi react to his crying video!


BTS Jimin is popular all over the world.

Jimin is a member who is popular for his cute behavior, and he has fans all over the world.

Yesterday, March 5th, Jimin posted a video on his Instagram!


This is a video posted on BTS Jimin’s personal Instagram.

The music of J-HOPE’s solo song “On the street” was playing.

When ARMY first saw this Jimin crying video, many ARMY were surprised!

Actually, Jimin’s tears were artificial tears (eye drops)!

For a moment, I thought Jimin was crying because he was moved by J-hope’s song, but it turned out to be Jimin’s cute prank.

J-HOPE and Taehyung (V) reacted to this Jimin’s Instagram post!

Taehyung (V) said, “I thought I’d upload it for your birthday.”

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