BTS Taehyung (V) wore sunglasses of CHANEL ! “Butter” Teaser Photo 2 was released!

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Quote from:BTS official instagram
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BTS will make a comeback with the new song “Butter” on May 21st.

In Teaser Photo 1, their handsome looks in suit outfits attracted attention.

This time, we will introduce Taehyung (V) in Teaser Photo 2 of BTS “Butter”!

This is BTS Taehyung (V)’s “Butter” teaser photo 2.

The white sleeveless shirt and see-through were sexy.

Taehyung was also sexy to bite the hat chain 😆

The sunglasses were from CHANEL, and they looked good on Taehyung !

Taehyung looks great in any outfit !!

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In “Butter” Teaser Photo 2, not only Taehyung but also the costumes of other BTS members were wonderful.

The concept is different from Teaser Photo 1, and both photos are nice!

I’m looking forward to the MV for “Butter” ♪