BTS V’s Vuitton raffle fashion is a hot topic! Focus on V’s fashion at the release press conference of “Dynamite” !!


BTS made a comeback with their new song “Dynamite” on August 21st.

An online press conference was held to commemorate the release of “Dynamite”.

At the press conference, Louis Vuitton’s raffle fashion worn by BTS V attracted attention!

This is the fashion of BTS members at the “Dynamite” release memorial press conference.

The fashion was appropriate for the official occasion, and it was a fashion full of individuality.

Louis Vuitton’s raffle fashion worn by V was especially noted!

The clothes seemed to be difficult to wear, but V was wearing them well.

V looks good in any clothes!

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BTS’s new song “Dynamite” is a single released to entertain people in the harsh world with a coronavirus.

As BTS says, it was a song that made you happy just by listening to it.

Please check it out♪