There is plenty of sense of boyfriend! ? BTS V’s V live “TaeTae FM” is a hot topic !!


Coronavirus is now a global problem.

The existence of KPOP has become a great help.

BTS also interacts with ARMY a lot at V Live.

This time, I will introduce the moment full of the boyfriend feeling in V live “TaeTaeFM” broadcast ed.

In this v live, V played the piano and sang songs to entertain ARMY.

Especially, the appearance of V full of a boyfriend feeling became a topic!

It’s like staring at the camera gently, as if he is next to me.

In this V live, V was too handsome!

Army from all over the world fell in love.

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V of the glasses appearance was also very cool.

At TaeTae FM, i was able to see a lot of V and entertained a lot of ARMY people.

It was full of highlights, so please check it out♪