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BTS V kissed Jin’s face! ? Taejin of “Run BTS!” became a hot topic!

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BTS’s original program “Run BTS!” was released every week.

“Run BTS!” is a popular program for ARMY.

In “Run BTS!” released on February 9, the game of “red light green light” was noticed!

This is “Run BTS!” released on February 9th.

First of all, a game using harmonica and raw eggs was played, and everyone was playing happily.

The following “red light green light” game was particularly exciting.

The most talked about scene was V kissing Jin’s face! (Around 37 minutes)

When Jin looked into V’s face, V kissed Jin’s face.

Jin was surprised at the kiss from V and made his face bright red and angry.

It was a cute and unique behavior like V, and it was a nice scene for Taejin fans.

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And, it was cute that Jungkook and V lay down backwards and proceeded 😆

When V taked the flag from Jimin and tried to escape, Jin stopped V’s head so that he cannot escape.

There was a raw egg game of RM and V in the last, and V who lost had a sad face.

It was “Run BTS!” full of highlights, so please check it out ♪