BTS’s reaction is a hot topic! The moment of the announcement of the Grammy Awards was released!

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BTS is a K-POP idol group that is drawing attention from all over the world.

BTS released “Dynamite” in 2020, which was nominated for a Grammy Award and became a hot topic.

The video of the moment when Grammy Awards were announced has been released!

This is a video posted on BTS’s official Twitter account.

BTS members were watching the announcement of the Grammy Awards.

Unfortunately, BTS was not selected for the Grammy Awards.

The facial expressions of RM and j-hope at the moment of the announcement seemed very disappointing 😢

The silence flowed for a while and they encouraged each other.

j-hope leaned against Jungkook and he looked regrettable.

V was silent for a while.

This video showed that BTS themselves were also expecting to win the Grammy Awards.

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After the Grammy Awards, BTS broadcasted a thank-you message to ARMY on V Live.

They said, “We will do our best this year and try to stand on the stage of the Grammy Awards again.”

I’m looking forward to the Grammy Awards next year ♪